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AGRO-KANESHO celebrated 60 years of growing with growers in October 2010.We enter a new era of growth on the way to our 100th anniversary.

The vital challenge facing agriculture today is to provide a stable supply of safe and high quality foods while conserving the environment.
Agrochemical companies do their part to meet this challenge by developing

and supplying effective products that can be used safely by growers and that are environmentally sound. Bearing in mind the goals of conserving the environment as well as benefiting people through advanced agricultural production with agrochemicals, AGRO-KANESHO develops competitive products with a place in today's world and with improved application technologies.

We are deeply committed to understanding and satisfying the NEEDS and WANTS of growers. We aim to develop and supply safer, highly effective agrochemicals through the continuous dedication of our staff to these principles and the ongoing commitment of the creative talent of our people to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

President of AGRO-KANESHO CO.,Ltdsign

Our credo. AGRO-KANESHO es Management Philosophy

  • 1. For customers.
  • 2. For employees.
  • 3. For society.
  • 4. For stockholders.